Ultimatums In Relationships - Yay or Nay?


 So I was reading a recent article which lightly bordered on a possible ultimatum in the writer's relationship. Responses to the article were interesting enough that I thought it a must to write on the subject of ultimatums. Below are a few points to ponder on ultimatums.

When ultimatums are given is the issuer generally regarded as a manipulator who wants to hopefully drive a relationship in a direction that one party isn't ready  or interested to go?

Are ultimatums a way to ensure that one does not waste their time in getting to what they want? If so, is it best for said individual to issue the ultimatum to themselves instead  of imposing it on someone else?

Would you agree that adults who know what they want don't need ultimatums? Since they keep their eyes on what they want and keep working towards it? In that case making ultimatums for fickle people who are neither here nor there and may need  nudge in the right direction?

Have you issued an ultimatum in a relationship before or have you been on the receiving end of an ultimatum? Do share your thoughts.

3 Sites To Know Who Is On The Ashley Madison List Exposed By Hackers?

Well so far that list of Ashley Madison clients that hackers released, does not seem to available to the average Jane (yes, I said that). But if you're stressing about if your info (as a user) or your spouses info is on that list, then you can stop holding your breath. Below are 3 websites that can either help put your mind at ease or get ready for the fallout.

1)  This site says enter your email address (or the email address of your spouse) to see if your sexual preferences and other information was exposed on Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder. 

2)  To the question; "How do I know this checker site is legit? This site's response is: You don't, but I'm the same person who made the Adobe leaked password checker if that lends me any credibility.

3)  This site would like you to note the following;
Important notice regarding the Ashley Madison data: only those who have subscribed for notifications and verified their email address will be able to discover if they were in the breach due to the sensitivity of the data. You can read more about the rationale of this approach here.

Breakup Spurs Tantrum In The Street

Oh wow, you can't make this stuff up. Below is a pic of a woman having a tantrum in the street after being dumped by boyfriend. As if being dumped isn't torture enough she decides to add public humiliation to her day.

Umm ...? 

For more info and photos see: http://news.yahoo.com/woman-throws-epic-tantrum-in-the-street-after-115957077.html

 Woman Throws EPIC Tantrum In The Street After Being Dumped By Boyfriend

The Definite List Of Celebrity Divorce Season, Summer 2015

This seems to be the summer of Hollywood heartbreak and it all began with:

 Image result for image of a broken heart
1) Ben and Jen called it quits and allegations are swirling about the nanny being a catalyst in that divorce.

2) Blake Shelton and Mirranda Lambert's marriage got the axe as well. This marriage had been plagued by all kinds of rumors for a while. At least there are no kids to get hurt in this situation.

3) Gwen Stefani and Garvin Rosdale are a long time couple whose union has also just bite the dust. They've had their share of struggles but always tried to keep their relationship private.

4) Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have also announced their divorce after 5 years of marriage and 2 kiddos. Ok, can't imagine Megan Fox being single for long, just saying.

Ashley Madison - Is Life So Short That We Must Have An Affair?

Ashley Madison's claim to fame is "Life Is Short, Have An Affair" however, in light of the recent hacking scandal their customers may think, life wont be short enough if my name is leaked and made public.

For the most part affairs aren't what they used to be, simply because cheating in the 21st century is simply begging to be caught. Yes, there are those who figure they're smart enough to avoid being caught and to that I say your partner just isn't interested or tuned in enough to catch you.

In today's world where its possible to track everybody and everything every hour of the day, cheating is a huge risk, perhaps sought out by extreme thrill seekers. Cheating or not cheating is an individual choice, but chose wisely or face the consequences as some like Josh Duggar facing.

Google's Most Asked Question of 2014

Well I was a little surprised and actually quite intrigued to find this out.  And as the first two words in the caption states, Love does matter. It matters enough that people would hope to find the answer to this crazy thing called  love on the internet.

The truth is when you have it you will know, except if you really don't want to know.

The bible sums it up neatly, as I think it provides the most complete definition of love. And no, this is not about religion, but if you have been fortunate to love or be loved, you know its everything mentioned below.


 If you want love, then give love,..it starts with you.

Do you agree with this take on the definition of love?