Well I haven't posted in like forever, but I might as well jump onto the many hot button topics trending right now.

When I read about the shooting in California I immediately remembered a conversation that I had with my bestie about 3 years ago. Good or bad I have gotten hit on by youngsters a few times. It always surprised me and I sometimes wondered do I look that young or is it that these young men want a mother figure (LOL, the first time I was about 28). Either way I can't fathom the idea of entertaining yooouuung men.

Anyway the last time it happened this youngster could not have been more than 18 years old. He approached and starting talking to me and asked for my number. I asked if he's on his way to school, he said no, he's "headed to work" Long story short I left him no doubt that "this" would never happen. 

However, I made it a point of being personable and conscientious, but clear. Why didn't I just brush him off or look down my nose at him? Because of his age. I realized that he will probably be turned down by women a few times in his lifetime, so there's no reason to brush him off, be cold to him or dismiss him abruptly. (Which I do without a second thought to older men who don't interest me) During the tumultuous teenage years everyone is still trying to find themselves and though some rejection is to be expected, sometimes our approach does make the difference. This young man approached me with respect and I let him down easily with that same respect.

The shooter was in his early twenties and lamented continuous rejection, to the point of having never been kissed (totally NOT an excuse for what he did). 
To any young man feeling dejected from not/never having a girlfriend look on the bright side, as there are two sides to every story.
1) more time to hang with your buddies or go make some buddies
2) more times to focus on your studies (ivy leaguers have less sex at college or so I read recently).
3) more time to work out and transform that body into a hank of a man

And in the interim get to be friends with lots of gals and if you stick with 1-3 pretty soon the ladies will want more attention from you. Or maybe it will just be that one special person.

The point is at that age you still have your entire life ahead of you; get schooled, hang with friend, get a ripped bod and it WILL happen.

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