Celebrity Sexual Orientations

Recently it was revealed that Raven Symone is dating a female. When asked for her input/clarification Raven said that she does not comment on personal matters. "Sheldon" from one of my fave shows: Big Bang Theory, was also recently outed as being gay. Reports however stated that he never tried to hide the fact that he is gay, neither did he ever "come out" as gay. Kudos to the people who realize that their sexual preference is theirs and does not need a media moment or to be paraded for the cameras. I think the only time one should be concerned about someone's sexual preference is when there is a sexual/romantic interest in said individual. Before declaring you attraction to someone, knowing their sexual preference can actually help you save face. Otherwise, wrong or right consenting adults are free to be in heterosexual or homosexual relationships. I know they certainly don't have to report to me.

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