Abuse Me Not

Today I read a newspaper article about a woman who died at the hands of her partner, sadly, nothing new here. Of course the comments which followed indicated lots of negative emotions towards the killer and rightfully so. The question is what gives any man the right to raise his hands on any woman? And for the woman, do you really need to hold on to a man that badly? He hits you once, thats it. Actually the signs of violence are there even before he first hits you, know the signs. Interesting enough, there are also many teen girls who are victims of domestic abuse/violence at the hand of their teenage partners. Parents need to be vigilent with their daughters and sons, before they grow up to be victims and abusers.

Below is the link to an interesting organization I stumbled upon last week. I think its a great organization which needs to be more "out there" since I hadn't heard of it before. Though the name is; Men Can Stop Rape, the idea behind it is to stop ALL forms of violence againt women.


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