Do You Have A Type?

I'm generally attracted to the strong silent type as opposed to 'the life of the party kind of guy. However I'm an equal opportunity dater. If the guy's appearance is presentable, meaning: no pants falling off his butt, neat hair cut, generally no frumpiness, then I would give him a second look. I also like an employed guy. If I can take care of me then I would expect him to be capable of providing for himself, at the very least. Yes there's employment that barely cuts it in terms of covering the bills, particularly now. However I can work with that if the man is furthering his education / has a concrete (logical & doable) plan in the works. So do I have a type? Go figure.

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  1. Of course I have a type... I too like the strong but silent type.. I also like the type of man who is charismatic, has a life of the party attitude but knows when to display it (with me). Someone who is fun, loves to laugh and make jokes but knows when to be serious..Someone who is quiet a lil mysterious (thats intriguing to me) but knows how to communicate. I like older men who are experienced and has his direction in place.. No time for the foolishness... Not into waiting until he gets it together.. Not at this time in my life (36) with teenage children. So do I have a type.. I sure do...