Why Hold On?

I recently had a conversation with an old friend who confided that after 5 years he is no more in love with his partner than when they first got together. He admits that he doesn't love her, but cares for her. I guess it works for him in that he has all the benefits of being in a relationship; she loves him, he has a companion, etc.

The funny thing is there's somebody else that he is very close to and would marry in a heart beat, if he wasn't in his present relationship. I don't get it. So I asked; why stay with someone you don't love if you have the opportunity to be with someone you do. His response was that he doesn't seem to know how to break off the current relationship. Maybe its fear or possible guilt, but he's holding on and essentially preventing both himself and his current partner from being with someone who really loves them.

In case you're wondering they're not married and there are no kids involved.

P.S - Guys, girls don't need your pity relationship. You're in or you're out and maybe you should find the door if you're in doubt.

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