Marriage in the 21st Century

So I read in today's paper that songstress Xtina and husband have called it quits after just a few short years of marriage. The reason for bailing: for the past few months they've felt/been more like friends than lovers.

Are you serious? Didn't anyone tell those two that it wouldn't always be hot and heavy. Surely one wise soul must have spoken to the couple before marriage or even in the early stages of marriage, that everyday wouldn't bring a rush of excitement to see your spouse. Its called the ebb and flow of the relationship. Scientists have written on the fact that the body cannot and will not remain in the "natural high" state that we experience in the beginning of a relationship. Is it that they and everyone in their circle was so focused on the positive that they totally overlooked the obvious?

Naturally its going to feel like just friends at some point and to this I say what's wrong with that. I'm not talking about acquaintances that we so easily call friends, I'm referring to lasting genuine friendships. One where you know the other person's got your back, always. When I look at elderly couples I know its not likely to be the "hot and heavy" keeping them together so its got to be the solid friendship between them that has brought them thus far.

So as far as marriage goes I want my husband to be my very good friend. One I'll sleep next to until death do us part and certainly get to enjoy the hot and heavy with..

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